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November 26-December 2, 2016

Overpriced basketball goals?

Bidding for two basketball goals actually costing only P300,000 might be rigged to make it appear that these cost P1.2 million? BAC members must remember their accountability to the public or they might end up mired in the misery of dismissal by administrative charges and subsequent criminal proceedings in the Sandiganbayan. When will you ever learn?

Jackstones/tetrapods or wavebreakers

Do these concrete structures really cost that much as their tarpaulins now show? The one in barangay Mantahan shows the project costs more than P29 million. At barangay Mambajao, near the cemetery, the project cost is more than P26 million with pygmy-looking, undersized (?) structures. The public needs a more thorough and transparent explanation on this regard. It may be noted that immediately after the last election laborers and equipment became quite busy working on these structures many of which are stored at the DepEd City Division lot in barangay Combado. Any rentals paid for the storage?

Hot number 8888

This used to be Globe-TM’s load number but is now replaced with 8080. And so 8888 has become a hot number, a nemesis to government offices under the executive department which are still laden with graft- and corruption-prone officials and employees. We now hear whispers like “Treat that person well or we’ll end up replying to an 8888 inquiry on our efficiency and uprightness…”

November 5 - 11, 2016

Maasin City airport’s work in good hands

It’s quite certain now! Full-blast construction work of the Maasin City airport would start soon. An international company has won the bid to finish it for good. When a company’s representative would visit Maasin very soon, full-blast work shall start till total completion. The airport might become the alternate of Mactan’s International Airport.

DENR Secretary in Maasin?

SLT has no details yet, but DENR Secretary Gina Lopez was reportedly in Maasin last week to assess the situation in barangay Matin-ao, where several residents had been deprived of their rights to reside in a forested area declared as timberland, where they have been living for a good number of years, for which they could apply for leasehold. Matin-ao had, in the past, been considered as a good source of potable water for Maasin City.

Marijuana garden in the city?

Some young scouts had allegedly found a marijuana garden during the holding of the National Scout Venture Camp in Maasin City. The garden was found by the scouts in a restricted area when the boys were wandering in the environs.

Bantay Lawod

During the BFAR Fisherfolks Congress in Tacloban City, it was learned that the Bantay Dagat would be phased out and, very soon, would be replaced by a no non-sense enforcement arm called Bantay Lawod whose members would be equipped with gadgets and facilities to be effective in their enforcement job. Bantay Dagat has been notoriously known for its members being quite good at “Bantay Dawat” including the maritime police who are ready to collect fish in styrofoam containers.

Rigged Biddings?

Newly bidded government projects known to have been monopolized by only one contractor would be recommended for investigation by the Ombudsman’s office. This is because the bidding processes had allegedly been rigged. Someone close to and highly trusted by the Duterte administration told SLT about this.


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