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September 10 - 16, 2016

Obama deserved the lecture


No matter how hard the US State Department tries to rationalize its decision to announce the domestic issues, like Human Rights, that President Barack Obama would be questioning President Duterte about at the ASEAN meeting in Laos, there is no denying they underestimated his patriotism and knowledge of Philippine-American Relations. The only way the US government can question our policy on Human Rights - is to earn it.

And they could start by (a) explaining whatever happened to the Indians who used to live in America, (b) admit they started the commercial slave trade in North America, and (c) apologize for using the dreaded “Water- Boarding” torture technique on Filipino men, women and children during the Philippine-American War which caused the lives of over 200,000 Filipinos, and (d) return to us the Church Bells they stole after their marines were outwitted by bolo-wielding farmers in the battle of Balangiga, Samar.

Americans must stop bragging they are the greatest country on earth, and start acting like it. And besides, the greatness of a country, can now be largely measured. Here are the facts and they are irrefutable. Infant mortality rate: America ranks forty-eight in the world. Overall health: seventy second. Freedom of the press: forty fourth, and Literacy: fifty fifth. They are now also indebted to China (which it owes trillionsof dollars to) and even Mexico which they love to ridicule.

Though there is no denying America has done many great things in the past like making the New World democratic, the Marshall Plan, the airplane and lightbulb, cured polio and demolished Hitler. They must admit they are no longer a country that can accomplish big things. As long as they believe that being “the greatest country in the world” is a birthright, and keep relying on the achievements of their past generations, they will keep losing the moral high ground.

Incidentally, President Duterte’s angry reaction to what he considered Obama’s uncalled-for intrusion into our domestic affairs, was admired by most of the ASEAN Chiefs-of-State who attended that meeting in Laos.

We are fortunate to have a true patriot like President Rodrigo Duterte, as our Commander-in-Chief. Let’s pray that God continues to protect him from the criminals in our society.

Tony Reyes is the Editor-in-Chief of the Southern Leyte Times the largest circulating newspaper & news website in the province.


Davao City has to suffer, if need be, for the Country
Atty. Jesus G. Dureza

September 3 - 9, 2016

This is not the first time Davao City was under attack. In the early '80s, the deadly communist "sparrow" units once held sway in some of our communities and spilled blood in our city streets. Then, San Pedro Cathedral was bombed one Easter Sunday. In 2003, Davao airport was also bombed. Then our Sasa wharf. Many died and scores wounded.

But in all these tragedies, Davao City survived. We rose from our feet every time. We did not allow the bad to dominate. We went on and resumed with our normal lives as quickly as possible, although still grieving and hurting. We strongly spurned and rejected the attempts of terrorists to dictate on us to disrupt our peaceful lives. We refused to be cowed or be consumed by fear. We did not want evil to win. Over time, Davao City, although wounded and scarred, prevailed.

The bombing today tells us once more that this is another time for us Dabawenyos to rise up and confront in order to again prevail. Davao City and its people have to suffer, if need be. But it is a small price to pay for the change that the whole country is dreaming of and yearning for.

Atty. Jesus “Jess” Dureza is currently the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. Dureza was the former Chairman of the Philippine Press Institute and also served as Press Secretary under the Ramos and Arroyo administrations.

September 10 - 16, 2016

Good performance in Office

When a public servant takes his oath of office, he gives the people he is sworn to serve a guarantee of good service. In fact, the swearing is to God and the Constitution. It must be a vow, a solemn promise to serve well.

It is in this light that Southern Leyte Times recognizes the transparent efforts of DPWH-SLDEO District Engineer Ma. Margarita C. Junia in performing her job well and above board. For her 69 percent completion of DPWH projects in Southern Leyte for 2016, in July yet, she must be within the commendable range of good performance. DPWH-SLDEO has surpassed the 50 percent target set by the DPWH central office for the first six months of 2016. Engr. Junia has been tasked to carry out P1-billion worth of projects for this year.

As of June 30, DPWH has already completed 23 of the 84 regular projects and completion rate for all of the 61 ongoing projects is within the timetable. Six bridges in major thoroughfares were rehabilitated: the P9.1 million Calayugan Bridge; P5.1 million Maslog Bridge; P6.1 million Maslog Bridge II; P15 million Pintuyan Bridge; P7.9 million San Ricardo Bridge; and the P9.1 million Timba Bridge. Paved and/or concreted roads in Macrohon, Maasin City (leading to Danao Camp Tree Park), Pintuyan, San Ricardo, Anahawan, Hinunangan and Silago. Dikes were also finished in Sogod, Liloan, San Francisco and San Juan.

Multi-purpose buildings were done in Padre Burgos, Limasawa and Hinundayan. Libagon got an evacuation center and a P1.7 million school building was constructed for the Libagon National High School.

Engr. Junia always saw to the transparency in DPWH projects, with the right people and resources, and commends her engineers and field workers for hard work well done. This is revealed in the on-going improvement of the very dangerous saddle road where commuters feel the thrill and fear of coming through and leaving with a sigh.

DPWH-SLDEO has also been implementing projects of other government agencies like the Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, and the repair and maintenance of flood control and drainage structures.

For all her efforts in implementing government projects in our province, it is only fair that SLT highly commends District Engineer Ma. Margarita C. Junia.

Her example is worth emulating and is a mirror for other heads of government offices who may still be asleep or even drunk in their practice of graft and corruption that made Juan de la Cruz wonder in desperation. In fact, an examiner from a certain government office was recently dismissed for dubious moneymaking, demanding while delaying the processing of vital documents.

Mention should be made of public servants who live and perform by their oath of office, not on the whims and caprices of unscrupulous politicians who depend on their power and influence, not on personal integrity and honesty in public service. Public service is public trust!

August 20 - 26, 2016

Collateral Damage

The current anti-drug war is unmistakably a feather in the cap of DU30 administration despite evident horrific human collateral damage. Implementors and their superiors should not be complacent or confident that the methodologies are popularly acceptable. A silent majority still disapprove of the harshness and inhumanity being carried out with apparent immunity or impunity. But we still hope the leadership may see the light of day with a change of heart and mind before our streets are literally littered with corpses refused by funeral parlors. And our hospital charity wards stop dispensing health services or our cemeteries end up with buried bodies of last men standing.

There is no doubt of President Digong’s guts, courage and determination to pursue an objective in the art of confrontation like drugs. But we’ll have to see some results in armed conflicts with Abu Sayaf, CPP-NDF-NPA, Muslim insurgency and others.

Filipinos can wait, we got short memory anyway. But it’s time to move on to more essentials and not be stuck or nailed to the drug problem, picking unnecessary unmacho gender fight in the sidelines. Waa na joy lain? The superficiality of one’s supposed accomplishments is hardly a track record if marred by negative sidelights like UN or Amnesty International sanctions which are tasked to look into human rights violations and injustices of which the Philippines has been a signatory and should honor.

Otherwise, rescind or cancel our membership if we don’t want to abide by the precepts of the treaty. Or the counter-productivity of insulting foreign dignitaries. Theirs may not be undue interference but genuine concern as allies. And other prominent personalities in the region to whom we should render respect as equals. Have we become so powerful and omnipotent in our kingdom of fiefs and rodent psychopants following the Pied Piper of Hamlin? Are they now beyond reproach or above the law?

Thanks, Mr. President, for strengthening family security and boosting the morale of our soldiers and policemen by increasing their salaries and improving quality of lives. These are long overdue. Maybe, next time, the teachers and SSS pensioners, ordinary government employees would have theirs too. Non- Performing Assets (NPA’s)like government executives should receive lesser salaries and allowances to give to lowly wage earners, especially those who deny or deprive the latter their due. They pretend zeal and care of the public coffers but have their own skeletons in the closet that would come out in the open in due time as poetic justice.

The 50 days of Duterte reign as expected centered and side lighted on the antidrugs frenzy. According to critics, there were vague specifics on the direction of other national thrusts of government. but no hurry, there’s enough time if the leadership moves on and not be distracted or waylaid by impertinent, irrelevant and immaterial issues. The last thing that the Filipinos would like to hear or see is their macho populist president quarreling with female leaders like the Chief Justice, Ombudsman or Senator. So, who’s next? Definitely, not the intimidated media, cowed church or tamed street parliamentarians, radicals and activists, etc. Where are the balls?





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