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Visayas media hold environmental forum

February 11 - 17, 2017

Gearing towards the increased urgency of the growing demand for production and manufacture of products and services in this millenial times, people oftentimes overlooked or compromise the value of the benefits derived from our environment – which has consequent impacts on communities, especially those that are highly dependent on natural resources for their sustenance.

How many of us have three or more children in the family? How many of us want new cellphones and gadgets? Clothing and apparel? Basically, these questions trigger how much our environment’s resources were taken off just to cater to people’s needs and wants.

Having the theme “Taking Stock of our Natural Capital (and the Role of the Press),” Philippine Press Institute (PPI) launched a seminar workshop on environmental reporting focusing on the valuation of natural assets – i.e., fresh water, timber, and forests – which was participated in by the Visayas leg members of the press, particularly members of the national association of newspapers.

The event, which was attended by some journalists and editors, was held last Feb 8-10 in Tacloban City, in partnership with Nickel Asia Corporation.

Nature provides life: the food we eat, the clean water we drink, the fresh air we breath. These values are not readily captured in markets, so we don’t really know how much they contribute to the economy, yet we don’t know the real cost if we lost them.

Valuing natural capital enables the public to account for nature’s role in the economy and human well-being.

By the nature of their profession, mediamen were urged to play a vital role that helps to bring out increased public and policy makers’ consciousness and become instrumental in the formulation of better and more responsive policies, and more efficient management not only of the environment, but also of the economy.

The press is in a strategic position to help reframe discussions on natural resources as crititical components of inclusive wealth, human well-being and sustainability.(By MARK L. RIMAS)






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