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Sea turtles freed

MACROHON, SOUTHERN LEYTE – Twenty two small and endangered Hawkbill Sea Turtles known locally as “Pawikan” were released last week at the Marine Park in Barangay Molopolo, Macrohon, Southern Leyte by local fishermen, LGU officials and Coral Cay Conservation volunteers.

“They have been a part of us and it was difficult to let them return to the sea, but that’s where they belong and we’re praying some of them survive” said Nicanor Bendijo an officer of the Fisheries project in Macrohon. We found them hatching along the sea shore last September and cared for them until they were big enough to be released.

Coral Cay education specialist Heather Murray charmed the participants by delivering her lecture on the importance of protecting marine life in Bisaya. She added that reclamation projects were destroying the province’s marine resources. Plastic containers should also be banned because turtles mistake them for squid their favorite food. (By ANGELYN BOOK )





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