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SLT Fearless 2017 Forecasts

January 7 - 13, 2017

For 18 years, it has been an annual tradition for SLT to analyse the real state of our province, and to come up with Southern Leyte’s 8 Fearless forecast.

The predictions of what is to come this 2017:

• The Maasin Airport which started construction in early 1990’s, will still not be commercially operational by the end of 2017.

• The province’s Seaports will get busier as the boats of Weesam Express and Cokaliong Shipping Lines continue to ply the Maasin-to- Cebu route. And a new boat line will ply the Benit to Surigao route.

• The province’s top agricultural product, the coconut, will continue to decline as an industry, as our local governments continue to place it in the backseat of their priorities even with the advent of the Hispine Beetle infestation and the impending arrival of the dreaded Cocolisap.

• A boundary will be placed around the city plaza’s dancing fountain, to prevent some from confusing it as a bathing area.

• A major hardware store will open its doors to the public, while a mini-mall will break ground before the year ends.

• The squatter colonies inside our mangrove forests will continue to flourish while the mangrove trees and the different species found inside will continue to diminish.

• The Barangay and Sanguniang Kabataan Elections, if not postponed, will continue to be marred by mass vote-buying and peddling, teaching further our children the ABCs of graft and corruption.

• The province’s once mighty, Subang Daku riverbed, will continue to be over harvested and pillaged, leaving its once-thriving natural ecosystem dead on its tracks.(By RUEVIVAR M. REYES)






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