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Maloney Forgives the "Three Kings" statement

MAASIN CITY - In what was generally considered the most vicious and devisive political campaign in the city’s history, the victorious Lakas-Kampi city slate was finally proclaimed at city hall amidst the taunting background music of “We are the Champions.”

Despite the significance of the occasion only Mayor Maloney Samaco appeared euphoric. He was also the most magnanimous because he said he “forgave” his opponent Former Governor Rosette Yñiquez Lerias who called Congressman Roger Mercado, his brother the governor, and the mayor himself as “The Three Kings of Corruption.”

Samaco also thanked Maasinhons for their faith in him and his handpicked city candidates. He said the opposition made the tactical error of waging a negative campaign against them instead of presenting a better platform of governance.

“Maasinhons,” he said “are a peace loving people and many must have resented the vicious personal attacks the opposition heaped on the Lakas-Kampi leadership. They even made us look like the underdogs instead of re-electionists.”

Samaco said he would pursue his 13 point agenda with more emphasis on tourism and education.

Education was a topic that Lerias had hammered on during the campaign when she announced that the Maasin City College was no longer a recognized learning institution. This had panicked the parents of students enrolled at the college and had the Lakas candidates worried during the last days of the campaign.(By MARK L. RIMAS)





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Maloney Forgives the "3 Kings" statement

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