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Goodbye Mangroves

MAASIN CITY - We hope the article written by PIA’s Bong Pedalino reporting that the city was planning to expand its reclamation project all the way to Barangay Libog’s “Kahoy Daku”  is unfounded. Because if it’s true, we can say good bye to one of the largest concentration of mangroves in Southern Leyte.

For although City Planning Officer Othello Rich insists the mangroves in Combado and Lib-og would not be affected, you simply cannot block mangrove forest’s access to the sea without negating its role as the nurseries of marine life.

And why would fish bother to spawn there if access to it is blocked by the new reclamation site? Fishery experts claim that a square meter of mangroves can produce the equivalent of 30 tons of fish a year. Can any reclamation project equal this feat?               

Pedalino said Mayor Maloney Samaco informed him of the project during the GIS  presentation at the City Gym last Wednesday.

In that interview he said the mayor assured him that the city government was just waiting  for the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources so it can give the go-signal for the property developers to start the expanded reclamation project.

He said Samaco was confident that work on the city’s space expansion project would start any time next year and that the next phase would cover the vast tidal flats off barangay Combado up to Kahoy Daku in barangay Lib-og.

The question we should all be asking ourselves is:  Is another reclamation project a top priority?

And can we afford this mammoth venture when we are having a hard  enough time (as is) just paying for the annual interest rate on our current loans?(By ANTHONY KINGS)    






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