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Another oarfish washes ashore Macrohon town

March 4 - 10, 2017

SAN JOAQUIN, MACROHON - The Oarfish (Regalecidae), a mysterious deep sea creature has found itself again at the center of a conspiracy theory that suggests it can predict earthquakes, after local residents found another oarfish at the shores of Barangay San Joaquin last March 5, Sunday morning, the same day when a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck again the neighboring province of Surigao.

It was reportedly the third time in the past few weeks that the “deep-sea dweller” was sighted in the shores of Southern Leyte. Photos of the dead oarfish have sparked heated discussions on social media.

The first sighting was in Bontoc town early in January. Followed by the beaching of two oarfish in Libagon town last February 20, which were found days after the quake incident jolted Surigao province that claimed 8 lives.

The creature, which has been labeled “earthquake predictors,” tend to wash up on the shore moments before or after earthquakes.

Kristha Kayte Estela Maderazo of Macrohon town posted photos of the new found oarfish in her Facebook account, and confirmed to SLT news that the oarfish was found dead on the shore by local residents.

“We are praying that we be spared from any tragedy that might come,” Maderazo said in one of her posts.

Due to the recent 5.9 earthquake in Surigao, an intensity 4 was also felt in some parts of Southern Leyte at the island of Limasawa and San Ricardo town, but no damage or casualties were reported.

According to marine biologists in Siliman University, oarfish only come to shallow waters or sea surface when disturbed, injured or dying.(By MARK L. RIMAS)






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Another oarfish washes ashore Macrohon town


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