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"The Lord never tires of forgiving. It is we who tire of asking for forgiveness." (Pope Francis’s First Angelus as pope, March 17, 2013)


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JEERS photo of the week

“Ouch!” A collapsed drainage ditch-cover in front of the PNB office in Tunga-tunga has reportedly caused some minor injuries to pedestrians at night. Attention Maasin City hall please fix ASAP. Thank you.

Readers may submit their community’s Cheers” or “Jeers” photo-caption to slteditors@yahoo.com.

Remember that by submitting your photos and captions you give us full consent to publish this in our newspaper and news site.



The Rabbit Controversary

Last night I had a dream


Thank You Mayor Tan

Airport or Landfill?

Yes Dodong, our Women are Smarter

Castañares’s plan is a good one

Dongon’s alarming crime wave


Wanted Rapist Arrested

Dead Body Found

Man survives multiple gun wounds

Buy bust nabs one in San Juan

Fugitive pays bail is freed


The view from Racz Cafe

Panny's Secret Recipe

Pagatpat Seafood Paradise


Pope’s Real Mission Here


Reckless PNP driver should be disciplined

Relief for Typhoon Ruby Survivors

Ziplining over the Agas-Agas bridge
by: Wowie Reyes

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CA overrules RTC on river quarrying

CEBU CITY - The Court of Appeals has temporarily stopped the commercial Sand and Gravel operations of some quarrying operators at the Subang Daku River. Penned by Associate Justice Marie Christine Azcarraga-Jacob, the CA has granted the prayer of the provincial government to over rule a prior resolution of the Regional Trial Courtin Sogod...read more

Sogod’s Mayor Tan will bring “J” home

CEBU CITY - Resisting pressure from a group of Lawyers who want to take custody of “J” (not her real name due to minority) the controversial 16-year old girl dubbed by cebu media as the “pretty thief ” Cebu Vice- Governor Agnes Magpale has decided to turn her over to the Social Welfare office of her hometown of Sogod in Southern Leyte...read more

Son stabs mother and kills friend

BARANGAY DONGON, MAASIN CITY – A resident was brutally assaulted and killed here while his assailant’s mother was also stabbed by the suspect while trying to shield her grandchild from her son who ran amok during a drinking session at her residence...read more

“Pretty shoplifter” attempts suicide

The pretty 16-year-old girl from Southern Leyte (who we will call “J” due to her minority) who was recently arrested in Cebu for a series of petty crimes has reportedly attempted suicide by taking an overdose of antituberculosis pills. Cebu’s Vice-Governor Agnes Magpale told local reporters that they had contacted her father and auntie so they could take custody of the teenager but neither would take the responsibility...read more

City landfill to open September

MAASIN CITY – The city government has announced that its sanitary landfill project will start operating by September this year. According to its General Services Office they are now briefing city residents on their role in ensuring the project’s success...read more

Provincial Board denies snubbing SLSU

MAASIN, SOUTHERN LEYTE–The provincial government has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Visayan State University (VSU) to strengthen its Agriculture Extension Program...read more




by Antonio M. Reyes

APPOINTED: Attorney Mayumi Gorme Amora has been appointed as Municipal Circuit Trial Court Judge of Pintuyan-an Ricardo. Prior to her appointment, she was the Clerk of Court of the Regional Trial Courts in Maasin City.

ACADEME: Dr. Cecilia Arong is the new Vice President for Academic Affairs of Southern Leyte State University. She replaced Dr. Lorelei Duarte. Dr. Dewoowogen Baclayon is the new Campus Administrator of the Southern Leyte State University campus in Bontoc. He previously headed the Research Department of the SLSU’s main campus in Sogod. He replaced Mabel Reyes Calva who will devote full time to her job as Corporate Secretary of the University’s Board of Regents. Dr. Gary Garcia has been appointed the Campus Administrator of SLSU-San Juan. Prior to his appointment he was its Research and Extension Director. He is also currently a member of the Board of Regents representing the Federation of Faculty Presidents. He replaces Dr. Eden Garces. Dr. Santiago Abrea is the new Campus Administrator of SLSUHinunangan. He replaced Dr. Antonio Remojo.


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