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CHEERS photo of the week

Local Harvest

Above photo shows fruit and vegetable vendors plying their harvests at the Provincial Forest Park in front of the Capital Building. This much awaited event is held every Thursday morning.


Macrohon municipal engineer ordered arrested

Truck's brakes fail plunges down ravine

Brother-in-law versus Sister-in-law


We’re worshipping the wrong hero

Where is Dr. Feliciano Matibag

High risk duty


Illegal loggers claim harassment

We need a Provincial Inventory

Is CENRO still issuing logging permits?

All Subang daku quarrying suspended


Letting go

In love with a married man

Birthdays & Breakups


Is there hope four our country

We should learn from history

Evening Knights

Ziplining over the Agas-Agas bridge
by: Wowie Reyes

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Police harassed us!
Illegal loggers to file counter complaint

BARANGAY TUBOD, SILAGO, SOUTHERN LEYTE – Last January 2014 a police team led by Police Officer Fernando Villaflor caught a group of men hauling away newly harvested Red Lawaan lumber freshly cut from the Mount Nacolod Forest Park(a protected area) and arrested them for illegal logging. According to Villaflor the culprits were surprised they were being stopped...read more

Governor Mercado denies Matibag has resigned

MAASIN CITY – Reports about Doctor Feliciano Matibag’s resignation as Provincial Health Officers, proved to be just that, rumours from anonymous sources who obviously hadn’t reported the alleged resignation in good faith. The governor also denied rumours that Attorney Nestor Rodas Jr. the Governor’s Legal Consultant had also resigned, and so had Dr. Jude Aspirin, who heads the Pintuyan Community Hospital...read more

Bontoc folks want quarrying stopped!

Governor suspends quarrying & orders review of all river S&G operations in Southern Leyte

GUINSANGAAN, BONTOC - Residents of barangay Guinsangaan and Himakilo who live along the Salog river have filed a Joint Resolution addressed to President Benigno Aquino, DENR Secretary Ramon Paje, and the Chairman of the Congressional Committee on Natural Resources Congressman Francisco Matugas complaining about the “unstoppable” quarrying operations at the Salog River, Bontoc, Southern Leyte...read more

Impounded barge is now missing?

SOGOD, SOUTHERN LEYTE – The huge motorized barge filled with 20 truckloads of high-grade aggregates mined from the Subang daku River, which was impounded for “illegally” operating here, by a provincial environment team led by Governor Roger Mercado last October 10 has now been declared “missing.”...read more

DOTC released P217M for Maasin Airport


This news article written by Nestor Abrematea for a national newspaper which we published in SLT last May regarding the release of the P217-million fund for the completion of the Panan-awan Airport in Maasin City. We are reprinting it because of a recent statement of the governor regarding his brother’s efforts to have the funds for the airport released by the DOTC Asap...read more


JEERS photo of the week

Illegal wood sale

The property owner of the Acasia hardwood lumber above which fell onto the barangay road in Barangay Basak, Maasin City, and blocked traffic was reportedly granted a Retrieval Permit by the City CENRO Office, with the understanding that part of the lumber would be used for the renovation of the Basak Multi-purpose Center. However the entire lot was allegedy sold by the land owner to a lumber yard in the city.

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Thought for the week

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” - James Baldwin


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